European communication and integration between Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Poland „Baltic Nations Commers“

Presumably you have once been to the Baltic Nations and/or Poland and you will have registered the latent atmosphere of departure towards Europe and the strong belief in the European Union; that is, in fact a lot stronger with the residents of these countries than the official politics and press want us to belief.

We as an association of former students (so called “Philisterverband”) whose origin is often the both Baltic Nations, Estonia and Latvia, know this positive attitude towards Europe very well, sometimes even from our everyday life.

At the moment we honorary hold the duty to organize the annual Baltic Nations Kommers consisting of students from

  • Germany
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Poland

that is held since 1948 in Germany and since 1994 again in the aforementioned countries in a rotating manner.

Every year we as participants from the older generations feel, how through this festive meeting, consisting of a Kommers, a church service, a ceremonial act and the Europe ball, Europe is lived, strengthened and further developed, since 1994 in the second generation in freedom!

This spirit shall also be around from May 13th to May 15th 2021 in Heidelberg, where up to 300 participant of the international students’ societies are expected for the Baltic Nations Kommers in the Kings Hall of the castle, and where, according to plan, a prominent personality shall hold the commemorative speech at the ceremonial act.

The event consist of

  • Kommers
  • Church service (in four languages)
  • Ceremonial act
  • Europe ball
  • River cruise

We cordially ask for your support, for example by financing one of the individual program point.

On your wish we name donors of 500 EUR in our program booklet, on our Homepage and in the foyer of the venues. For higher donations we kindly ask for a personal conversation to define, how an individual package for your presentation could look like.

Through the Baltic Nations Kommers’ facilitation of international understanding, donations for this event are tax-privileged, naturally, you will receive a donation receipt.
Bank account: Verein zur Förderung der deutsch-baltischen Völkerfreundschaft (VFV)
IBAN: DE02 2005 0550 1236 1337 55 – BIC / SWIFT: HASPDEHHXXX

Your target group are students as future business partners and employees, as well as leading personalities from the aforementioned countries. We have entrepreneurs, attorneys, politicians and strongly socially engaged members in our rows, that have excellent connections to Estonia and Latvia.

Hence we make you a promise: We will open every sponsor, according to his entrepreneurial goals, the doors to our network in every possible way. For this purpose the undersigned or our member Dr. Til Assmann as Honorary Consul Estonia is personally at your disposal (til.assmann@estland-bremen.de). Don’t hesitate to contact us about your wishes.

Yours sincerely

Dr. jur. Klaus Bockslaff