Invitation to the 57th Baltic Nations Kommers

Dear Members,

We kindly invite you to participate at the meeting of the Baltic nations, the 57th Baltic Nations Kommers form May 13th to May 15th 2022, in Heidelberg.  The Kommers takes place at the location it had taken place for three decades annually until 1993.

Impression from Heidelberg

This Kommers has always been held in the spirit of the bond between European Nations. Since the opening of the borders 30 years ago, a strong belief in the European Union and in the ability of nations and people to reach mutual understanding has expanded across the continent. Students’ societies in the Baltic states, Poland and Germany have always been a driving force in this development – politically, economically, and societally.

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to ask for support from all those who wish to see our great European event flourish: contact us here to offer your help.

A short review: At the beginning of the 50s German-Baltic, Estonian and Latvian incorporated students let the tradition of the Baltic Nations Kommers resurge in Augsburg, that later was continued in Heidelberg. Yet, with the borders sealed, participation was limited to those in West Germany and elsewhere in the free world. Now, these borders have fallen, and the representatives of Polish students’ societies have joined the participants of the Baltic Nations Commers.

1994 for the first time again a Baltic Nations Kommers was held in the Baltic Nations, namely in Tartu (Dorpat) / Estonia, and since then it is held in an annual rotation in Estonia, Latvia, Poland, and Germany.

We are now looking forward to the 2022 celebration, with the Kommers itself, a ladies’ evening, a church service, a procession to the official ceremony as well as with the Europe ball. A river cruise on the Neckar will round off the program, for which we expect several hundred participants.

As hosts, our aim is to make the event nothing less than unforgettable for you as we nurture and pass on that European spirit.

We are looking forward to seeing you all – we hope, in the very best of health and spirits – in Heidelberg this coming May! With our warmest regards and best wishes

The Board of the Baltischer Philisterverband
Klaus Bockslaff cur.goett. Ulrich Zaune frat.dorp. Lennart Bösch conc.rig.
President (First) President (Second) President (Third)