You find all events, times, and meeting points under Program in the menu. Please head for the Corps House of the Corps Suevia Heidelberg first. All participants will be registered there. How you can get to Heidelberg, you can find below under the title Journey.

The program may still change in individual aspects.


Registration is possible on Friday, May 13th from 12 noon in the corps house of the Corps Suevia Heidelberg. The house is located at the Klingenteichstrasse. 4.

There, you will get ribbons that identify yourself as participants of individual or all events. Besides, you will get the last details to the schedule. The provision of the then required Corona certificate is also checked in the process.

Questions regarding the registration process can be sent to


The following events are connected with costs:
Payment by April 1st, 2022 Payment by April 31st, 2022 Payment on site
Kommers of the fraternities 39 EUR 41 EUR 45 EUR
Kommers of the fraternities – students up to 27 years 29 EUR 31 EUR 35 EUR
Kommers of the sororities booking directly here
Ladies’ evening on your own cost
Europe ball 70 EUR 75 EUR 80 EUR
Europe ball – students up to 27 years 35 EUR 37 EUR 40 EUR
River cruise 35 EUR 37 EUR 39 EUR
River cruise – students up to 27 years 15 EUR 17 EUR 19 EUR
If you have already registered for the Baltic Nations Kommers 2020 please register again. If you already paid your invoice from 2020, the amount will be subtracted from your new invoice.


The registration is closed since May 6th 2022. If you have any questions contact Klaus Bockslaff via E-Mail or phone, +49 160 6124855.


Are to be made to the bank account:

Baltischer Philisterverband
Commerzbank AG
IBAN: DE74 2214 1028 0379 6901 01

Be sure to include your name and the keyword “ 57. BNK2022 ” specify.

Registrations are accepted until May 1st, 2022.


Most events take place at the area of the castle.