Baltic Nations Kommers

After they were resettled in 1939, many Baltic Germans felt the desire to keep up regular contact with their compatriots now living spread out all over the world.

After the first meetings in Augsburg at the beginning of the 60s, a big festival, a “Kommers”, was started once a year to maintain and pass on the old Baltic traditions. The original venue was Heidelberg Castle.

Throughout the years, more and more of the Estonians and Latvians that went to exile joined. The Kommers became that Baltic Nations Kommers. Those remeaining in Estonia nad Latvia could not participate, due to the political situation.

When in 1991 the Baltic Nations as well as Poland regained their freedom and an active student live with male and female students’ corporations developed, the idea of the old student culture and its traditions came to live again. The wish to participate in the Baltic Nations Kommers and also to host it grew. In 1994 the Baltic Nations Kommers was held in Tartu (Dorpat) / Estonia, one of the oldest Universities in Europe (founded in 1632), for the first time.

Today, we celebrate not only a Kommers, but also a church service, a procession to the ceremonial act, often with speeches of a prominent personality, and a “Europe Ball”. Therefore we nowadays call this meeting the Baltic Nations Kommers. Since then, the event is celebrated in Tartu/Dorpat (Estlonia), Tallinn/Reval (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Gdansk/Danzig (Poland), Warschau (Poland), Heidelberg. Hamburg, Göttingen and München. In 2022 we will meet in Heidelberg once again.

Our meeting does not only serve the purpose to cultivate traditions, but also to serve our members as a forum to get to know other countries, build friendships, as well as to exchange academic information and to develop professionally – and all of that connected vividly and friendly between four European nations, for centuries overcoming political development. That is, what makes us unique.